Thursday, October 14, 2010

Featured Review: Pound of Poms

Discount School Supply has the best pound of poms anywhere!

Check out this review of the Pound of Poms from a very satisfied Discount School Supply customer and grandparent from Maiden, N.C.:

Pros: good color variety, high quality, detailed instructions, fun, easy storage
Review: "I purchased these for my grandson's pre-school teacher and she loved them. The children (18 in her class) use so many a week that she runs out quickly. She was so pleased when we took them to her. She said the children now had a huge bag of pom-poms to choose from when during their art. Makes a great gift for a teacher who has to supply her class with materials."
Our assortment includes poms of all sizes, colors, textures and styles. These poms are thick and plush and made of top quality acrylic. The perfect bulk classroom pack to inspire creative crafting. This exciting mix contains about 1,200 poms. Sizes range from 1/2" - 2"Dia.

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