Friday, April 30, 2010

Savings with a Dramatic Effect!


Right now at Discount School Supply, bring the dramatic fun of Dramatic Play to your home or classroom with breathtaking savings!

Moms, dads, teachers and caregivers: the value of Dramatic Play is no act. Fantasy play is great fun for early learners. It's an excellent way for children to explore creativity and experience the world around them.

But if that's not convincing enough, check out these theatrical deals available exclusively at Discount School Supply:

Big Mouth Animal Puppets - Set of 8 ONLY $21.99! My what big mouths they have! These incredibly plush animal puppets are perfect for role-playing, storytelling and puppet shows.

Washable Career Costumes - Set of 10 ONLY $169.99! Career costumes promote self-esteem and encourage creativity and imaginary play. Each costume features realistic details and are made of machine washable cotton/poly blend with a hook-and-loop closure in back.

Tea Set - 18 Pieces ONLY $14.99! 18 piece durable plastic tea set includes tea pot, tray, sugar bowl, creamer, cups, saucers and spoons. This top-rated set is a customer favorite!

Get your act together and click over to Discount School Supply for more dramatic savings on Dramatic Play right now!

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Quiet on the set! Super deals performing right now at Discount School Supply!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Burn Energy! Save Money!

Feeling like you've been cooped up all winter? In need of an outlet for some energy?

Well, bounce over to Discount School Supply right now to find some lively deals on Active Play products!

Discount School Supply's incredible values on outdoor and indoor activities are perfect for Spring. Find over 300 deals like these that will have your little learners burning energy while you're saving money:

Best Value Playground Balls - Set of 4 ONLY $10.95! These beautiful, bright balls are made of tough PVC with a textured surface for extra durability. Each ball is 8 1/2" in diameter and the set includes four colors: green, purple, red and yellow.

Discount School Supply Tumbling Mat ONLY $109.95! We made our own tumbling mat and passed the savings on to you! This mat is conveniently sized for easy handling - 6'L x 4'W. Wash and clean this mat with soap and water and enjoy again and again!

Angeles® MyRider™ Midi ONLY $119.95! All MyRider™ trikes feature the Vario Seat™ that allows children of various sizes and ages to ride in comfort as well as a grooved handle that makes it easy for adults to carry.

Have more energy for super savings? Then skip on over to Discount School Supply and find more outstanding deals on Active Play items.

And while you're there, be sure to check out all of the other budget-boosting deals on Arts and Crafts, Furniture, Manipulatives, Curriculum Resources and Dramatic Play products. Discount School Supply has everything you need to keep your infants, toddlers, preschoolers and students engaged and learning!

Moms, dads, teachers and caregivers: if it's been a long winter for your little ones, it's time to spring out by saving big money at Discount School Supply. Click here to save right now!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Out of This World Savings for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day for just one day? Not at Discount School Supply!

Discount School Supply encourages little learners to explore and appreciate their environment every day. But in honor of Earth Day, Discount School Supply is offering 30% OFF on select items for the next 5 days!

Celebrate Earth Day with out of this world savings on products like these:

Science Activity Magnifiers - Set of 12 for ONLY $11.19! Bring the wonders of the Earth up close with these green and clear plastic magnifiers.

Garden Creature Puzzles - Set of 8 for ONLY $27.26! Challenge advanced puzzlers with this vivid set of 8 lovable garden critters.

The Butterfly Pavilion for ONLY $20.06! The see-through mesh with zippered entry on this pavilion allows easy access for care and feeding and keeps butterflies inside until you set them free.

Find more Earth Day deals when you click here. Our eco-minded sale products are all about learning, getting active, celebrating our planet and appreciating our environment. Think green and save green too with an extra 30% OFF until Monday! Shop Discount School Supply today!

Teachers, moms, dads and caregivers: save more on quality items with the Earth Day 30% OFF Sale then be sure to check back with Discount School Supply for other great bargains on early childhood learning essentials like Arts and Crafts, Active Play items, Dramatic Play products, Manipulatives, Furniture, Curriculum Resources and more.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Drool-Worthy Deals for Infants & Toddlers!

With a 110% Lowest Price Guarantee, Discount School Supply is THE place to shop for early childhood learning materials.

But did you know that Discount School Supply extends the same 110% Lowest Prices Guarantee on Infant and Toddler products as well? That's right! Save more on infant and toddler essentials at Discount School Supply with our 110% Lowest Price Guarantee on hundreds of products for your littlest learners.

Drool and go ga-ga for amazing deals like these:

Stack 'n Nest Cups - Set of 8 for ONLY $8.99! Infants and toddlers will love playing with our brightly colored Stack 'n Nest Cups. This set includes 8 cups for stacking, nesting, scooping and molding. Cups feature holes which makes these cups great for sand and water.

Baby Mat with Bumper for ONLY $19.99! Your little one can nestle into a soft, cozy space with this mat that features thick, cushioned sides for extra comfort and safety.

Colorations® Washable Finger Paints, 16 oz. - Set of 10 ONLY $19.90! Spread this brilliant, rich paint onto a sheet of bright white paper and watch as toddlers enjoy the smooth, silky feel of this wonderful finger paint. Besides the price, the best part of Colorations® Washable Finger Paint is that it is free of common allergens like latex, dairy, casein, egg, gluten, peanut and soy!

Teachers, moms, dads and caregivers: crawl, toddle and baby step over to Discount School Supply right now to find more top quality products for infants and toddlers at affordable prices.

And, if your little one is already walking and running, then check out the fantastic savings at Discount School Supply on early childhood Furniture, Manipulatives and Arts and Crafts. Shop for deals in Active Play and Dramatic Play as well as Curriculum Resources.

Yeah baby, Discount School Supply is here to save you some money on all your infant and toddler items! Shop the Discount School Supply 110% Lowest Prices Guarantee on infants and toddler products right here!

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Scientific Method to SAVINGS!

Do you remember all the steps to the Scientific Method? Here's a brief refresher: observe, research, hypothesize, experiment, analyze and conclude.

Talk about interactivity and engagement! Science is learning by doing. How much fun is that? Looking for ways to help little learners explore the fun of science?

Here is our Discount School Supply Scientific Method for SAVINGS:

Step 1: Observe

Every budding scientist needs some good observations tools. Right now, Discount School Supply's Nature Observation Set - 24 Pieces IS ONLY $29.95! This 24-piece observation set includes one each of the following sets: 6 Super Magnifiers, 6 6" Bug Capture Bubbles, 6 Small (8 1/2") Gotcha Nets and 6 Bug Observation Boxes.

Step 2: Research

Any good researcher loves to dive into some good books. Right now, the Life Cycle Books - Set of 4 is available for ONLY $11.99! Research the life cycles of a bean, butterfly, chicken and frog right in the classroom or at home! This set presents the facts with detailed descriptions and brilliantly colored photographs.

Step 3: Hypothesize

A good hypothesis takes keen senses. Develop a new dimension of sensory awareness for your little learners with the Sensory Discovery Shelf, ONLY $59.95! Place items in the colorful fabric bags and let children feel from the outside to determine their contents. Hypotheses will abound!

Step 4: Experiment

What better place to experiment and explore the wonders of Science than at the Angeles® Exploration Station? Equip your classroom or learning center with this top-of-the-line exploration station for ONLY $239.95! Test concepts of perspective, explore color blending activities and magnification, work with magnets and much more.

Step 5: Analyze

In order to perform detailed analysis, you need the right tools. The Science Exploration Tool Kit - 84 Pieces for ONLY $62.99 boasts all the basic tools for classroom science analysis in one complete kit! Children can explore optics, measurement, reflection and more with rulers, eyedroppers, mirrors, bowls, thermometers, tweezers and magnifiers.

Step 6: Conclude

Well, there's only one conclusion here: Discount School Supply is the place to shop for great deals on science equipment for little learners! Shop for your Science Curriculum Resources at Discount School Supply right now. And click here to find more great Science products at affordable prices from Discount School Supply.

Moms, dads, caregivers, teachers and anyone with a little one in your care: the science of saving is in full swing when you shop Discount School Supply! And if the Scientific Method to SAVINGS didn't convince you, find more top quality early learning materials at bargain prices when you shop other great deals on Active Play, Arts and Crafts, Dramatic Play, Furniture, Manipulatives and more at Discount School Supply!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Featured Review - Colorations® Liquid Watercolor

Liquid Watercolor has long been one of our teacher's favorite items here at Discount School Supply. With such intense, vibrant colors and so many uses, it's no wonder why! Visit today to see our complete line of Liquid Watercolors and accessories.

TeachersPet from Clovis, CA sent us the product review below, complete with some fun activities! Have a fun idea or activity you've done with Liquid Watercolor? Send us your reviews and let us know what you think!

"Bright Beautiful Colors!!
OMGosh - this is a product that EVERY art shelf should have! The color is bright and bold, not like the dry water color you buy in trays. Liquid Water Color blends beautifully to teach secondary colors. I cut out shamrock shapes out of coffee filters and got them damp. I had my class put yellow drops and then blue drops on their shamrocks. My preschools squeeled when it turned green, 'It's Magic!' This product is amazing. I put liquid water color in small plastic art pallets or in small bowls. We use eye droppers (or medicine droppers) to apply the color to coffee filters, wet and dry for different effects. We make butterflies, Mother's Day hats, or die cut the filters to make our rainbow fish. They alway turn out beautiful. By using eye droppers it helps develop small motor skills and pre-writing skills. Try this: Freeze water in a balloon - this will give you a round frozen globe. Put the globe in pan and remove balloon. Help your kids spoon rock salt on top of globe - the salt will melt tunnels through out the globe. Now, using eye droppers, drop liquid water color on the globe. Look at your tunnels with a flash light and magnigy glass. This will keep your children busy for hours! Liquid Water Color is a must have for those who love to have fun and creat beautiful masterpieces!"

Two Ways to Make Mom Smile

Mother's Day is fast approaching! But don't fret. Discount School Supply is here to help.

Right now, shop Discount School Supply and find two excellent ways to bring a smile to Mom's face.

#1: Create a One-of-a-Kind Mother's Day Craft!

If every beetle is a gazelle in the eyes of its mother--as the Moorish Proverb states--then according to mom, every budding artist is Vincent van Gogh. Right? Few things please mom more than a handmade craft. So bring out the van Gogh in your little ones with these craft and project ideas:

Wooden Bobble Heart Note Holders - Set of 12. Easy to decorate with marker, paint, crayon, pencil and collage, this project makes a sweet, whimsical gift that mom will treasure!

Picture Pocket Tote Bags - Set of 12. Personalize your very own canvas tote bag with a photograph. Plastic pocket will hold a photo 3"W x 5"L. Bag is 9"L x 9"H.

Design Your Own Mugs - Set of 12. This personalized gift will really get used again and again!

#2: Save Money!

If mom isn't pleased enough with the craft and projects from Discount School Supply, then be sure to tell her how much money you saved. For a limited time, shop Discount School Supply and save an extra 15% on select project assortments that moms will love. Save 15% on the Wooden Bobble Heart Note Holders, the Picture Pocket Tote Bags, the Design Your Own Mugs and more! Click here to save 15% on more craft projects that moms will love exclusively at Discount School Supply.

Create a craft for mom and stick to your budget! Both great ways to make mom smile!

In fact, moms love Discount School Supply for everyday values on top-quality products for Dramatic Play, Active Play, Arts and Crafts, Curriculum Resources, Furniture and more.

Moms, dads, teachers and caregivers: with terrific deals on outstanding products, Discount School Supply is the place to shop this Mother's Day season!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Do the Math: Discount School Supply = SAVINGS!

Do you know a budding mathematician that would enjoy some hands-on counting and patterning tools? Want to help foster in your little learners a love for math without breaking the bank?

It's not a complicated solution! Top quality math manipulatives + affordable prices = Savings at Discount School Supply. It's an easy equasion for shopping success!

Shop numerous budget-friendly deals on Math products at Discount School Supply. The savings add up on items like these:

Foam Geometric Solids - Set of 10 ONLY $11.69. Calculated savings? $13.26. That's 53% LESS THAN the suggested retail price!

See & Solve Math Center ONLY $19.99. Calculated savings? $8.96. That's 30% LESS THAN the suggested retail price!

Pretend & Play™ Cash Register ONLY $28.99. Calculated savings? $6.00. That's 17% LESS THAN the suggested retail price!

Crunch some numbers on your savings with more great Math products right now at Discount School Supply's Curriculum Resources. Arithmetic doesn't lie: save more when you shop Discount School Supply!

And don't forget: Discount School Supply offers more than Math manipulatives! Find top-quality products at budget-friendly prices for Arts and Crafts, Active Play, Dramatic Play, Furniture and more.

Teachers, parents and caregivers, you can count on Discount School Supply for the biggest savings on early childhood learning products.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shop Extreme Bargains Now!

It's rare that you would ever hear"extreme" and "school supply" in the same breath, so pay close attention to the following: Extreme Bargains are happening right now at Discount School Supply!

Parents, teachers, caregivers: take advantage of this "Extreme Bargains" event right now at Discount School Supply. Find hundreds of items with savings OVER 50% off retail. More than 50% off retail? Yes! Discount School Supply's Extreme Bargains offers savings over 50%, 60% and 70% off retail prices for a limited time. Find extremely budget-friendly prices on top-rated customer favorites like these:

Colorations® Super Washable Chubby Markers - Set of 256 for ONLY $43.99! This must-have set offers 16 total colors: black, blue, brown, green, orange, red, purple, yellow, fuchsia, gray, lime, magenta, tangerine, teal, turquoise and violet.

Wood Pattern Blocks - 250 Pieces for ONLY $11.99! Explore and analyze geometric shapes, dimensions, and spatial relationships with these brightly colored wooden blocks. Each is 3/8" thick: 6 shapes, 6 colors and the smallest piece is 1".

Three-In-One Language Tabletop Easel for ONLY $29.95. This compact tabletop easel is double-sided, featuring a magnetic dry erase board on one side and hook & loop flannel board on the other. Perfect for small group learning!

Want more Extreme Bargains? Click here to shop now! Visit Discount School Supply today because these extreme deals won't last long!

While it would be a shame to miss out on an amazing event like Discount School Supply's Extreme Bargains, remember you can find great deals every day at Discount School Supply. Shop product categories like Furniture, Arts and Crafts, Active Play, Dramatic Play, Curriculum Resources, Manipulatives and more. Find budget-friendly deals for early childhood learning products every day at Discount School Supply.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

2¢ Shipping Sale On Now!

Your two cents just got you a whole lot more at Discount School Supply!

For a limited time, pay only 2¢ shipping for select drop ship items. Just 2¢ for shipping? That's an incredible deal!

Pay only 2¢ for shipping on select drop ship items like these right now at Discount School Supply:

12" Quantum V-Back Plastic Stacking Chair with Matching Legs ONLY $26.95! These super value-priced chairs have a 25-year limited warranty. They are strong, stable, easy to stack and a top-rated Discount School Supply product.

Toddler Book Display ONLY $84.99! Another top-rated Discount School Supply product, this book display is sized just right for toddlers.

Deluxe Dress Up Storage Unit ONLY 139.99! This unit is made of rubberwood and features 3 double-sided hooks, storage shelf on top and shatter-proof acrylic mirror. Perfect for your Dramatic Play section!

Teachers and caregivers: find more great 2¢ shipping deals by clicking here. But act fast because this amazing deal ends April 12th.

And be sure to visit Discount School Supply for all your early childhood classroom essentials. Find great bargains on Arts and Crafts, Furniture, Curriculum Resources, Active Play, Dramatic Play and more every day! Also shop Discount School Supply for products for Infants and Toddlers as well as children with Special Needs. Click here for more!