Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Solutions to Your New Year's Resolutions

Got some New Year's Resolutions for 2010? Discount School Supply might be able to help! OK, we won't get you on that treadmill tomorrow morning, but here are our solutions to three popular resolutions:

1) New Year's Resolution: Save Money

Discount School Supply Solution: With Discount School Supply's 110% Lowest Price Guarantee, you can find incredible savings on top quality classroom materials every day. And don't forget that you can get FREE DELIVERY on in-stock orders over $79. Moms, dads, teachers and caregivers: stretch your budget further with great deals on art supplies with our Colorations® brand crafting materials.

Here's one of many great money-saving deals: Colorations® Rotating Organizer ONLY $5.97. That's 79% OFF the retail price. You'd save $23.67!

2) New Year's Resolution: Better Time Management

Discount School Supply Solution: With 4 regional warehouses, your in-stock order will be shipped and delivered within just a few days. In fact, 97% of our customers receive their in-stock orders in just two business days or less!

For example, if you order the Crayola® Markers Super Classpack® - Set of 256 on Monday morning, your markers could be coloring and crafting in your home, classroom or learning center by Wednesday! How's that for great time management?

3) New Year's Resolution: Do More with the Kids

Discount School Supply Solution: It's all about the kids at Discount School Supply! Early childhood education is at the heart of what we do here at Discount School Supply. If it isn't great for early learners, Discount School Supply doesn't sell it.

Stimulate quality play time with creative dramatic play items. For example, Discount School Supply's Tabletop Theater is a top-rated product kids will love. Put on a puppet show and get everyone engaged in imaginary fun!

Energize children with quality active play products. For example, the Obstacle Course Activity Set - 70 Pieces is great for open-ended play. Let the children set the rules with the adults and really have some fun!

Help foster little artists' creativitiy with arts and crafts kits like the Small Classroom Art Kit. Use the kit or other craft materials to Decorate your Own Papier Mache Flower Pots - Set of 12 or Create Your Own Wooden Puzzle - Set of 12 -- fun for all ages!

Discount School Supply can't help you with all resolutions, but we can certainly save you money, time and help your young learners. Find out more by clicking here.

Monday, December 21, 2009

12 Deals at Discount School Supply

Eleven pipers piping? Seven swans a-swimming? Well, no, not on sale this week. But, at Discount School Supply our crack team of deals bloggers has prepared our own version of 12 items we think any teacher or caregiver would love to have-- all year long!

"The 12 Deals of Discount School Supply" celebrates amazing savings on top quality classroom materials that Discount School Supply offers every day.

So moms, dads, caregivers and teachers, here are just 12 of Discount School Supply's amazing deals (feel free to sing along!):

12 stamp pads with the Colorations® Stamper-Perfect Washable Stamp Pads - Set of 12 ONLY $19.99!

11 bottles of BioColor® paint in the BioColor® Paint, 16oz. - Set of 11 ONLY $32.89!

10 monkeys in the Ten Little Monkeys Big Book & CD Superset ONLY $24.99!

9 storage bins with the Toddler Big Bin Storage - Assembled ONLY $387.37!

8 wands in the Bubble Wand Set - Set of 8 ONLY $10.99!

7 stamping cubes with the Alphabet Stamping Cubes - Set of 7 ONLY $7.99!

6 Preschool Puzzles - Set of 6 ONLY $21.97!

5 Finger Glove Hand Puppets ONLY $14.97!

4 colors with the Four Color Pie Mat ONLY $68.74!

3 wheels with the 14" Angeles® SilverRider® Trike ONLY $139.95!

2 writing surfaces on the Two-Sided Mini Chalkboard, 9" x 12" ONLY $3.89!

1 incredible art kit with the Small Classroom Art Kit ONLY $29.99!

And if that weren't enough, act now and save 10% off everything when you use Code WEBDECE. That's right! Save even more, but you have to click over to Discount School Supply today because the extra 10% lasts less than 12 days.

Check out these "12 Deals of Discount School Supply" and more right now at Discount School Supply. Whatever the season, you'll find spectacular deals on top- rated products for your early childhood learners. Arts and Crafts, Furniture, Curriculum Resources and more are available at everyday low prices at Discount School Supply. Now that's reason to celebrate!

Friday, December 18, 2009

How to Save 10% on EVERYTHING!

Many teachers and caregivers know Discount School Supply for its top quality line of Arts and Crafts products like Colorations® crayons or BioColor® paint.

Many moms and dads know Discount School Supply for its educational toys and manipulatives like the Singing Tree Marble Run or the Foam Tabletop Unit Blocks.

But did you know you can save 10% on EVERYTHING at Discount School Supply right now?

Here's how it works:

First click over to Discount School Supply right here. Browse the amazing selection of classroom and early learning essentials. Find Curriculum Resources, Furniture, Active Play and Dramatic Play products. Be sure to check out our line of Infant and Toddler products as well as some great stuff for learners with Special Needs.

Next, add the items you want to your Cart. After you load up your Cart with lots of great products from Discount School Supply, click on View Cart to get ready to check out.

Finally, once you're at the View Cart screen, you'll have the ability to type in a "CATALOG/PROMOTIONAL CODE." In that little box, type in WEBDECE to get your 10% OFF.

Pretty easy, right? Discount School Supply makes shopping very simple. Save money and time when you shop online.

And if you order more than $79 of in-stock merchandise, your shipping is free!

But you have to act now! The WEBDECE code expires 12/31/09 so you want to be sure to stock up on your classroom and early learning essentials today.

Save 10% and get some great educational products right now at Discount School Supply.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Year End Clearance Extravaganza!

The Year End Clearance Extravaganza is going on right now at Discount School Supply.

For a limited time, use Code WEBDEC93 with your order and:
  • Save 10% OFF everything!

  • Plus get FREE shipping on in-stock orders over $49

It's that simple. Use Code WEBDEC93 and SAVE!

Save on Arts and Crafts, Furniture and Curriculum Resources. Save on Active Play, Dramatic Play and Manipulatives. Save on Infant/Toddler products. Save on...EVERYTHING!

But don't wait. These savings will only last until 12/21. So act now and click over to Discount School Supply and find spectacular deals like these:

Teachers and caregivers: now is the time to stock up on your classroom essentials at Discount School Supply. Moms and dads: find great educational products for your early learners at Discount School Supply.
Use Code WEBDEC93 to save 10% off everything at Discount School Supply right now.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to Give a Great Gift AND Save Money

Looking for a great holiday gift for your little learners? On a tight budget?

Discount School Supply is here to help!

Discount School Supply features many great holiday gift ideas for young ones at remarkably affordable prices. Check out some of these fun gift ideas:

Tabletop Theater only $29.99! This top-rated product is sure to be a hit. Children engage their creative side by putting on puppet shows.

"See-Me" Tunnel only $19.95! How fun is it to crawl through this "see me" tunnel? Use it alone or join it with other tunnels for more exploring and fun.

Deluxe Marble Race - 90 Pieces only $25.49! Get ready, get set, GO! It's a race to the finish, full of twists, turns and surprises - even a loopty-loop. Experience the mesmerizing power of marbles as they cascade down through the tubes.

Parents, teachers and caregivers: these are just some of the amazing gifts available at Discount School Supply. Discount School Supply offers Furniture, Arts and Crafts, Manipulatives, Active Play and Dramatic Play products that also make terrific gifts for little learners, or are perfect for stocking up the classroom before the end of the year.

Best of all, save 10% OFF your order when you use Coupon Code WEBDEC92. And it's easy to qualify for FREE SHIPPING on in-stock items! But act now! This 10% savings deal expires December 14th.

Great gifts at great prices. All at Discount School Supply!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Healthy Deal: Angeles® Portable Hot Water Sinks

Discount School Supply offers exciting products for your classroom or learning center every day. And throughout the year we also introduce NEW, exciting products. Case in point: the Angeles® Portable Hot Water Sinks are here!

Showcased this November at NAEYC in D.C. and Winner of the Director's Choice Award in 2008 in California, the Angeles® Portable Hot Water Sinks are wowing people from coast to coast!

These sinks offer an award-winning solution to local and state hand-washing requirements for licensing without the high cost of new plumbing and installation. Just add water, plug in and turn on!

And for a limited time, take an extra 10% OFF and receive FREE DELIVERY when you use Code WEBDEC9.

Many experts agree, fighting colds and flu starts with proper hygiene. For this reason, hand-washing is a must. Cold and flu viruses spread quickly without proper hand-washing. With an Angeles® Portable Hot Water Sink in your classroom or learning center, teachers can help prevent the spread of those nasty viruses.

Looking to keep your learning area healthier this year? Angeles® Portable Hot Water Sinks are the perfect solution for any classroom or center. All sinks feature scald-free hot and cold water, a fresh water tank, a waste water tank and locking wheels to allow for placement flexibility and portability. Also, Angeles® Portable Hot Water Sinks ship within three days!

Discount School Supply is the place to shop for outstanding deals on products designed with your classroom in mind. In addition to our new assortment of products perfect for helping to fight colds and flu, you'll also find everything you need for Arts and Crafts centers, Furniture, Active and Dramatic Play, Curriculum Resources and much more--always at the lowest prices at Discount School Supply.

And now, Discount School Supply features Angeles® Portable Hot Water Sinks designed to make your classroom healthier. After all, a healthier classroom is a more productive classroom!

Teachers and caregivers, click over to Discount School Supply right now to learn more about the NEW Angeles® Portable Hot Water Sinks. But act now to save more! The extra 10% OFF and FREE DELIVERY when you use Code WEBDEC9 is only available for a limited time!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Savings EVERY DAY at Discount School Supply

If Black Friday and Cyber Monday already passed you by there is no reason to thing the best seasonal savings are over. Discount School Supply has great deals EVERY DAY!

And with the holidays upon us, Discount School Supply is featuring sensational savings on holiday gifts and crafts.

Get more holiday cheer for less right now at Discount School Supply. Deals like these are sure to make everyone jolly:
Wooden Photo Frame Ornaments - Set of 12 for only $5.99! Decorate with paint, markers, pencil, beads, crayon, glitter and more (not included) for a truly special holiday gift.

Balancing Bear Scale for only $12.99 (pictured). This is a perfect educational gift for your little learner.

Instant Snow for only $11.95. It's faux snow! Instant snow is a revolutionary, super-absorbent polymer that transforms when mixed with water.

And if you purchase most holiday items by December 23rd, you're order will ship before 2010.
Find more great deals that are light on the wallet and big on the holiday cheer at Discount School Supply. Choose from Arts and Crafts, Active Play, Dramatic Play, Manipulatives, Furniture and more for your home and classroom.

Parents, teachers, caregivers and everyone with little learners: find top-quality educational supplies at affordable prices every day at Discount School Supply.

You may have missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you don't want to miss out on Discount School Supply's amazing deals. Click here right now!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crafting with Lever Punches from Discount School Supply

Paper punches are a wonderful crafting tool for adding embellishments to cards, scrapbooks, photo frames and more.  This set of 10 Easy to Use Lever Punches available at Discount School Supply gives you plenty of design options for your next crafting project.

Read what Cassa, a parent from McKinney, TX, has to say about the Lever Punches from Discount School Supply:

"Even a 3 year old can use these!

These are great for punching through foam and there are so many creative activities one can do with them, but the best thing about them is that my 3 year old daughter can use them without any trouble. Standard hole punches are too large and require a strong grip, whereas these are stable and don't require much effort to push. She LOVES crafting with all the various shapes in this set, and the price for 10 together is better than I could find for even three sold separately!"