Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Featured Review - Lego® Basic Bulk Bricks - 884 Pieces

Specially designed with open-ended play in mind, the Lego® Basic Bulk Bricks from Discount School Supply provides endless fun for all ages.  With this huge set, children can construct all sorts of life-like or imaginary objects, figures and buildings, while promoting creative expression and communicating ideas.  Use with the Large Lego® Base Plates, also available from Discount School Supply, as a starting point for hours of building fun!

Read what one Discount School Supply customer from Dauphin, PA has to say about the Lego® Basic Bulk Bricks:

"Just what we were looking for!

My youngest daughter asked for Legos for her birthday, but didn't want the pre-packaged kits in the stores. This was mainly because they are geared to boys, and she wanted to use her imagination to create, instead of putting together somebody elses idea. (Also, in my opinion the prices for these kits at the stores are outrageous!) Since the kits are what are mostly being carried in the stores anymore, I searched out alternatives, until I found your site. I was pleasantly surprised to find this item, and the price was great. She has spent countless hours playing with her Legos since recieving them, and has been building/rebuilding her "dream home" over and over. This is a great item for encouraging creativity, and I am so happy to have found your site. Thank you for offering this great product."