Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Everyday Savings Just Keep Getting Better

Lining the halls of the Discount School Supply headquarters are covers from past catalogs. Reviewing old Discount School Supply catalogs is like stepping into the Way Back Machine: classic images harken back to the days of yore.

Despite the old-school nature of yesteryear's catalogs, one tenet remains the same: Discount School Supply offers fantastic deals.

In fact, some of the products featured on past Discount School Supply catalogs are actually less expensive now! Same products, same top quality but even better prices.

Incredible, right? Here are just a few examples of great products that have been available at Discount School Supply for years (or decades!) and cost even less now:

The Pretend & Play Cash Register for just $34.95. This is a great Manipulative for little learners to practice math skills and have fun with Dramatic Play.

Colored masking tape now only $1.83 a roll! Colored masking tape is a staple for your Arts and Crafts center and just ten years ago, it was closer to $2 a roll.

Today's price for our Colorations® Liquid WatercolorTM 8-oz. bottles? $2.39! This is a drop from years past as well! Colorations® Liquid WatercolorTM is an incredible product and a must-have addition to any classroom or early learning center.

Discount School Supply continues to offer excellent products at terrific prices.

Moms, dads, caregivers and teachers: shop Discount School Supply right now to find more incredible deals on everything you need for your classroom, home or learning center.

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