Friday, November 19, 2010

Prepare for a Nutritional Holiday

Halloween candy, Thanksgiving pies and holiday sweets present significant nutritional challenges for all of us, especially the youngest ones. If you're looking to teach your little ones about how to make healthy food choices all year long, then shop Discount School Supply for some great educational tools.

For example, show your little ones how to make a balanced meal with Build A Healthy Plate - 28 Pieces. For ONLY $29.99, this chart will teach children to categorize foods, make wise choices and, in turn, build a healthy plate! Ideal for teaching children nutrition and how to eat healthy foods, this product is exclusive to Discount School Supply!

You can also have fun and teach about healthy food choices with the Make-A-Meal Healthy Food Set - 29 Pieces for ONLY $27.99. Children can learn about good nutrition and balancing meals from the five basic food groups while "buying," "preparing," and "eating" this colorful spread of realistic-looking vinyl food. Set contains a wide variety of provisions including fruits and vegetables, meat, bread, cheese and more. Activity guide included!

Or set kids on the path to lifelong health and wellness with My Pyramid Food Banner with 30 Foods for ONLY $39.99. This colorful banner is based on the USDA MyPyramid for Kids food guidance system and it comes with 30 fun, puffy fabric foods that stick to the banner. Another product exclusive to Discount School Supply, this also includes an activity guide.

But that's not all! For more educational supplies to teach your little ones about health and nutrition, shop the Science section of Curriculum Supplements at Discount School Supply. Find more ways to prepare for a nutritional holiday right here!

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