Friday, September 24, 2010

Manageable Deals to Manage Your Classroom

A productive classroom is one that is well-managed. However, managing a classroom can be a tremendous challenge, particularly with early learners.

If you need some tools to help manage your classroom and your budget is limited, Discount School Supply has several affordable and effective solutions.

Visual Schedule
For example, coordinating transitions in the school environment can be very smooth with the Visual Schedule - 74 Pieces. This visual schedule includes seven separate sections with 2 activity cards and 2 activity labels each. Sections can be hooked and looped to wall or hung by grommets. The set includes 22 activity cards (4" x 6"), 22 activity labels, 10 blank cards and 3 movable arrows to highlight activities. For ONLY $29.99, the Visual Schedule - 74 Pieces is the perfect tool to manage the variety of activities in a typical school day.
Visual Yacker Tracker
Another great tool to manage your classroom is the Yacker Tracker. This device can help any teacher control the noise levels in a room. Teachers can select the appropriate level of noise for any given situation and the light does the rest! The traffic light is computerized with adjustable sound-level meter, which can be set from 40 dB to 120 dB. Lights can also be adjusted manually. The unit is 17"H and can stand on its own or mount on the wall. It's AC powered (adapter included) with an optional siren and a set of 6 replacement bulbs is also available. For ONLY $59.99, the Yacker Tracker is a must-have tool to manage noise levels.

No Yell Bell
And for those activities in which you need to get your students' attention without yelling, try the No Yell Bell™. This is the ultimate classroom attention-getter! Simply dial one of seven unique sounds, tilt the bell, and point it at your students. The clear sound begins immediately and gets everyone's attention. Use the No Yell Bell™ to signal the beginning or end of an activity or to applaud a job well done. Uses 4 "AAA" batteries (not included). For ONLY $28.49, the No Yell Bell™ could be a great addition to any classroom management program.

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