Tuesday, September 21, 2010

600 Items, All Under $10!

Attention moms, dads, teachers, caregivers and early education center directors: is your budget tight? Are you limited on the amount you can spend for Arts and Crafts supplies for your little ones?

Fear not! Discount School Supply is here to save the most. Shop for your Arts and Crafts at Discount School Supply and stretch your dollars. With over 600 items all under $10, you can afford some awesome Arts and Crafts on any budget!

Need some proof? Okay, how about these bargains for UNDER $1:

Colorations® Washable Glue Sticks for ONLY $0.34! Colorations® clear-drying, washable glue sticks are smooth and easy to apply, go on purple and give you great adhesion. Bigger glue sticks means more for your money!

Crayola® Regular Crayons - Set of 8 for ONLY $0.80! Classic colors at a great price!

Still don't believe you can do Arts and Crafts on any budget at Discount School Supply? Try these items for UNDER $5:

12" x 18" Colorations® Heavyweight Construction Paper for ONLY $1.89! This paper cuts clean and folds evenly.

Jumbo Black Wiggly Eyes - Pack of 100 for ONLY $3.99! Big eyes...small dollars!

Boost that budget even more at Discount School Supply with these fantastic deals for UNDER $10:

Colorations® Activity Paint, Gallon for ONLY $9.97! A sponge paint, a finger paint and easel paint, all in one! Completely non-toxic, and easily washes off hands and most fabrics.

White Paper Top Hats - Set of 12 for ONLY $9.99! Accordian-style top hats are made of lightweight, durable white paper with cardstock brims, perfect for decorating with paint, markers or crayons.

So there you go. Glue, crayons, paper, wiggly eyes, paint and decorate-yourself top hats. All items under $10 and all items would make for a great art project.

However, if you're not already over at Discount School Supply shopping to stretch your Arts and Craft dollars, then click here to see the more than 600 items under $10.

And don't forget, Discount School Supply also has terrific budget-savings deals on Furniture, Manipulatives, Active Play, Dramatic Play, Curriculum Supplements and more great stuff for early learners.
Shop Discount School Supply today and get more for your dollar. Click here to shop now!

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