Friday, April 16, 2010

A Scientific Method to SAVINGS!

Do you remember all the steps to the Scientific Method? Here's a brief refresher: observe, research, hypothesize, experiment, analyze and conclude.

Talk about interactivity and engagement! Science is learning by doing. How much fun is that? Looking for ways to help little learners explore the fun of science?

Here is our Discount School Supply Scientific Method for SAVINGS:

Step 1: Observe

Every budding scientist needs some good observations tools. Right now, Discount School Supply's Nature Observation Set - 24 Pieces IS ONLY $29.95! This 24-piece observation set includes one each of the following sets: 6 Super Magnifiers, 6 6" Bug Capture Bubbles, 6 Small (8 1/2") Gotcha Nets and 6 Bug Observation Boxes.

Step 2: Research

Any good researcher loves to dive into some good books. Right now, the Life Cycle Books - Set of 4 is available for ONLY $11.99! Research the life cycles of a bean, butterfly, chicken and frog right in the classroom or at home! This set presents the facts with detailed descriptions and brilliantly colored photographs.

Step 3: Hypothesize

A good hypothesis takes keen senses. Develop a new dimension of sensory awareness for your little learners with the Sensory Discovery Shelf, ONLY $59.95! Place items in the colorful fabric bags and let children feel from the outside to determine their contents. Hypotheses will abound!

Step 4: Experiment

What better place to experiment and explore the wonders of Science than at the Angeles® Exploration Station? Equip your classroom or learning center with this top-of-the-line exploration station for ONLY $239.95! Test concepts of perspective, explore color blending activities and magnification, work with magnets and much more.

Step 5: Analyze

In order to perform detailed analysis, you need the right tools. The Science Exploration Tool Kit - 84 Pieces for ONLY $62.99 boasts all the basic tools for classroom science analysis in one complete kit! Children can explore optics, measurement, reflection and more with rulers, eyedroppers, mirrors, bowls, thermometers, tweezers and magnifiers.

Step 6: Conclude

Well, there's only one conclusion here: Discount School Supply is the place to shop for great deals on science equipment for little learners! Shop for your Science Curriculum Resources at Discount School Supply right now. And click here to find more great Science products at affordable prices from Discount School Supply.

Moms, dads, caregivers, teachers and anyone with a little one in your care: the science of saving is in full swing when you shop Discount School Supply! And if the Scientific Method to SAVINGS didn't convince you, find more top quality early learning materials at bargain prices when you shop other great deals on Active Play, Arts and Crafts, Dramatic Play, Furniture, Manipulatives and more at Discount School Supply!

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