Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Featured Review - Colorations® Liquid Watercolor

Liquid Watercolor has long been one of our teacher's favorite items here at Discount School Supply. With such intense, vibrant colors and so many uses, it's no wonder why! Visit discountschoolsupply.com today to see our complete line of Liquid Watercolors and accessories.

TeachersPet from Clovis, CA sent us the product review below, complete with some fun activities! Have a fun idea or activity you've done with Liquid Watercolor? Send us your reviews and let us know what you think!

"Bright Beautiful Colors!!
OMGosh - this is a product that EVERY art shelf should have! The color is bright and bold, not like the dry water color you buy in trays. Liquid Water Color blends beautifully to teach secondary colors. I cut out shamrock shapes out of coffee filters and got them damp. I had my class put yellow drops and then blue drops on their shamrocks. My preschools squeeled when it turned green, 'It's Magic!' This product is amazing. I put liquid water color in small plastic art pallets or in small bowls. We use eye droppers (or medicine droppers) to apply the color to coffee filters, wet and dry for different effects. We make butterflies, Mother's Day hats, or die cut the filters to make our rainbow fish. They alway turn out beautiful. By using eye droppers it helps develop small motor skills and pre-writing skills. Try this: Freeze water in a balloon - this will give you a round frozen globe. Put the globe in pan and remove balloon. Help your kids spoon rock salt on top of globe - the salt will melt tunnels through out the globe. Now, using eye droppers, drop liquid water color on the globe. Look at your tunnels with a flash light and magnigy glass. This will keep your children busy for hours! Liquid Water Color is a must have for those who love to have fun and creat beautiful masterpieces!"