Friday, August 10, 2012

Featured Review Friday: Angeles® MyRider® Maxi

Check out our featured review of Angeles® MyRider® Maxi from a very satisfied Discount School Supply customer and parent:

 5-Star Review/ 5-Star Overall


Review:  "Great product. Easy for special needs kid with low muscle tone and poor coordination. We used it with a helmet and went down a slight incline in our driveway, just to make it even easier to pedal and more rewarding. It was so easy to pedal that my child wanted to pedal a little further. It's gotten her to pedal about 10-15 feet so far independently, which was impossible with all the 3 other bikes we tried. Adults can stand on bar behind seat to help steer. Highly recommend it!"

 The biggest innovation in trikes since the wheel is here thanks to Angeles®, the most trusted name in trikes. The revolutionary new Vario Seat® is a versatile riding solution that gives each child a better fit. Found exclusively on the new MyRider® trikes by Angeles® the sleek Vario Seat® features a long shape that allows children of various sizes and ages to ride in comfort as well as a grooved handle that makes it easy for adults to carry. With a sporty, yellow powder-coated steel frame and solid rubber tires, the durable, modern MyRider® trikes will stand the test of time as child after child can call it their own.

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