Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Help for Your New Year's Resolutions

If you and your little learners made any New Year's resolutions, then Discount School Supply is here to help.

Teachers, parents and caregivers: visit Discount School Supply right now and find tons of ways to make good on your New Year's resolutions.

Here are just a few ways to show how Discount School Supply can help you and your little learners achieve great things in 2011:

If you resolved to save money in 2011, then Discount School Supply has your answer. With the 110% Lowest Price Guarantee, your dollar will go further at Discount School Supply. Find top quality early childhood education materials at the most affordable prices when you visit Discount School Supply. Shop all product categories for maximum savings: Arts and Crafts, Infant and Toddler, Dramatic Play, Active Play, Furniture, Manipulatives, Curriculum Supplements and more! Not convinced? Try our Clearance section! With the most affordable prices, you are sure to make good on your resolution to save more.

If you resolved to get active with your little ones in 2011, then Discount School Supply is the place to shop. Shop the Active Play section for tons of great games and toys to get you moving and grooving. For example, the Kickball Kit for ONLY $39.95 you will get in the game! This brand new product for 2011 will help kids exercise and develop hand-eye coordination while building social skills and practicing teamwork. Set includes 10 colored cones; 3, 8-1/2" rubber playground balls; 1 home plate; 3 bases; ball pump and activity guide.

Finally, if you resolved to get more creative in 2011, then be sure to visit Discount School Supply. For example, you can foster your little one's creativity with the Real Stretched Canvas - Set of 6 for ONLY $16.99! These professional grade, authentic, stretched canvasses are primed with gesso - they're 100% cotton canvas! Canvas accepts all Colorations® paints. These are ideal for enhancing fine motor and creative skills in young children. Real canvas encourages self-esteem and adds value to creations.

If you've got other New Year's resolutions for your little ones, Discount School Supply is here to help. Visit Discount School Supply right now for more budget boosting deals on top quality early education supplies. Make good on your resolutions this year with help from Discount School Supply. Find great deals on supplies for your learning center right here and be sure to check out our newest products for 2011 right here!

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