Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Budget Boosters: All $2.99 or LESS!

Shop Discount School Supply's Budget Boosters right now! Find tons of great products for $2.99 or LESS.

That's right. $2.99 or LESS! It's just another way that Discount School Supply helps teachers, parents and caregivers get MORE for their money.

So what great early education products can you get for $2.99 or LESS? Check out these terrific budget boosting deals:

BioColor® Paint, 16 oz. for only $2.99! BioColor® does it all! It's so amazingly versatile you will think it is magic! BioColor® is a must have for your Arts and Crafts center. It spreads and adheres easily to so many surfaces! Use it on paper, plastic, wood, metal, cardboard and more. BioColor® shines brilliantly when dry and won't crack or fade! Use for fabric painting, sticker art and marbling projects, or make multi-colored putty!
Plastic Jump Rope for only $1.99! This red and white plastic jump rope is nearly impossible to tangle up. It measures 7 1/2' long and it is the perfect addition to your Active Play supplies.

Rhythm Sticks - 10" for only $1.79! Bring out the musician in your little learner with these wooden rhythm sticks. Each stick is 2/3" thick. One stick is fluted for maximum rhythmic effect. Even if music is not part of your curriculum, these sticks will get your little learners moving and grooving for only $1.79. Wow!

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