Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crafting with Lever Punches from Discount School Supply

Paper punches are a wonderful crafting tool for adding embellishments to cards, scrapbooks, photo frames and more.  This set of 10 Easy to Use Lever Punches available at Discount School Supply gives you plenty of design options for your next crafting project.

Read what Cassa, a parent from McKinney, TX, has to say about the Lever Punches from Discount School Supply:

"Even a 3 year old can use these!

These are great for punching through foam and there are so many creative activities one can do with them, but the best thing about them is that my 3 year old daughter can use them without any trouble. Standard hole punches are too large and require a strong grip, whereas these are stable and don't require much effort to push. She LOVES crafting with all the various shapes in this set, and the price for 10 together is better than I could find for even three sold separately!"