Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Endless Activities with the Complete BioColor® Paint Kit

Our amazing Complete BioColor® Paint Kit, available exclusively from Discount School Supply, contains enough supplies to make 10 different classroom activities right away.  The kit includes everything you need to get started including BioColor® Paint and tons of accessories - and even includes a detailed video and brochure with instructions for over 50 project ideas.  Try our BioColor® Paint Kit and we're sure you will agree with MissMom, a parent from Idaho, who sent us the 5-Star review below:

"The Most Amazing Paint You'll Ever Use!

I really can't say enough good things about BioColor Paint. We started using it the day it arrived. We never got past the "ink blot test". In addition to this kit I ordered a pack of white construction paper and the only reason it took us 4 days to go through it was that we had to keep stopping paintin because we ran out of room for our artwork to dry! I have always done art projects with my daughter, but this is the most fun I have ever had.
I have used it for sponge painting on some cheap canvases to make artwork to hang in my room. It looks like something expensive! The paint will hold it's texture when it dries,ie.,if you sponge it on or apply with the scraping tools. I have also used it on metal cans and on glass jars with great results.
This kit has nearly everything you could ever want or need. I highly recomend ordering LOTS of construction paper and an extra dozen Nancy bottles so you can mix a whole set with the Shimmer It and/or Sparkle It. For the holidays,also, you shoul order extra of the clear ornaments. They are so much fun to "paint", you'll wish you had. The clean up is amazingly easy!"