Saturday, November 8, 2008

Your Two Cents or more, win Gift Card from Discount School Supply

To introduce our new reviews and ratings on the Discount School Supply Web site, we asked customers to give us their "Two Cents" at NAEYC. Postcards, complete with two actual pennies, were given to teachers, administrators and early childhood professionals as a take-home reminder to tell us and share with their peers what they like and how they use our school supply products in their classroom.

Excitement was generated for the program by conducting a

"Guess How Many Pennies in the Jar?" contest.

Each day, teachers lined up to make their best guess and enter a drawing for a $100 Discount School Supply gift certificate. Guesses ranged from the low hundreds to more than 200,000, and some teachers even called a friend to help them guess just the right amount.

So, how many pennies were in the jar?
Exactly 3,153

Four winners, one for each day of NAEYC, will be notified within the next two weeks.

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